Massage Power Yoga Teacher Training

Massage Power Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to Yoga with Anne-Marie the home of sun power yoga teacher training. I am a certified yoga teacher from more than one tradition, founder of Sun POWER Yoga, consultant to Sports and Dance, writer for Yoga and Health Magazines and teacher of Yoga Instructors

Introduction to
Power massage And Yoga

Sun Power Yoga is an eclectic mix of three traditional styles:

  • Dynamic Hatha – for Alignment
  • Sivananda – for Subtle Mind and Breath Work
  • Astanga – for Heat, Flexibility, Strength and Stamina

This form I developed firstly for my own training, and then for my classes. It encompasses the classical Sun Salute (Surya Namaska) as the skeleton. With my dance background I saw this as an opportunity to pull together many techniques, ideas and idioms.

It is a dance-like moving form testing the body and the mind as it works layer upon layer building up to a very difficult series of postures keeping to the sun salute skeleton. This dance/yoga form is a challenge physically and mentally.

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Physical fitness
and the way of life

Yoga is an ancient form of physical exercise and is at least 8000 years old. It seems incredible to me that yoga is probably more relevant now in our century than ever before.

Yoga is not only a form of exercise for physical fitness and health but also a practical philosophy, a way of life, a tool, which will have a profound effect on your everyday actions and reactions.

In my experience, yoga can be very powerful in its ability to help us deal with the stresses of our lives, without the use of medical drugs, possibly, or at least to help us to help ourselves.

I hope you enjoy my web-site and find it both informative and helpful! We look forward to seeing you in our Yoga Classes, Workshops and Courses